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Toastmasters Insternationalis the right choice for improving your communication and leadership skills! This is the place to get hands-on, face-to-face suggestions for improvement – in a friendly practice environment. At Toastmasters, you will learn to relax, plan, and present a terrific speech – whether you have ten days to prepare or just ten seconds. In 180+ clubs of District 2 you can learn and practice with people who are there for the same reason you are – to become better communicators with more effective leadership skills. Visit a Toastmasters club, and discover why Toastmasters is the right choice for you!


  • 2015 Spring – District Contest Winners – Congratulations !!

    D2 Spring 2015

    International Speech Contest

    Evaluation Contest


    Jackie Bailey

    Jackie Bailey


    Vladimir Balabanov

    Rick Pannemann


    Karen Rosquist

    Don Crawley

    Division Contests

    International Speech Contest

    Evaluation Contest

    1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd

    Division A

    Vladimir Balabanov 

    Brad Barton

    Curtis Youngen

    Jay Sunderland

    Joseph Carty

    Ian Bakke

    Division B

    Peter Feysa 

    Darrell DeRochier

    Christopher Rahla

    Rick Pannemann

    Eileen Herman

    Matthew Kirk

    Division C

    Karen Rosquist

    Daryl Lockhart

    Jith Krishnamurti

    Bill Sanders

    Sherri Campbell

    Sayee Saitheesvaram

    Division D

    Norman Bell

    Sivaram Renganathan

    Jean Schmidt

    Don Crawley

    Liz Northrop

    Sivaram Renganathan

    Division E

    Leo Novsky

    Yelena Balabanova

    Abdul Naser Kutty

    Michael Scheele 

    Michael Wang

    Joana Tou

    Division F

    Jackie Bailey

    Manjith Kamalasanan

    Laura McQuade

    Jackie Bailey

    Jennifer Kirchhoffer

    Anil Kumar Kukutla

    Division G

    Abdulmajeed Al-Zakari

    Teri Christian

    Anthony Jackson

    Wolfe Maykut

    Scott Clark

    Colleen Lee


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