Roxy Stimpson, DTM, District 2 Director

A Message from the District 2 Director

Hello, District 2 Members!
THANK YOU for your resilience and your service. Please know that our members, our clubs, our district leadership team, and Toastmasters International leaders appreciate your dedication and hard work very much.
Your time spent participating in meetings, sharing your stories, visiting the clubs, talking and guiding the club officers, and mentoring club members matters. We went from the lowest count of 157 active clubs at the start of the renewal cycle to 169 active clubs. We are now number two in Region 1 (number 50 out of 123 districts in the world for paid clubs). We have chartered 3 new clubs and saved 9 clubs.
Every club you are part of or save this year is a foundation for a strong club without going through a lengthy re-chartering process. Let us focus on building membership and supporting each other to save two clubs per Division. Individually, a club will have a tough time getting members on their own, but TOGETHER, we help each other thrive. Let us know your thoughts and ideas.
Below are some updates for District 2:
  1. Our website has a new look; the address is D2TM.ORG
  2. Round 2 MELEs have already started. The latest schedule will be shared on Starburst and D2TM.ORG
  3. For clubs that elect officers on a semi-annual basis, the deadline for submitting the new club officer list is December 31, 2020.
  4. Club Incentives are listed here. Note: Club Plan of Excellence deadline is this week.
  5. Since many training and contest events are starting in 2021, we will only have the Leadership Forum on the first Tuesday of the month instead of weekly starting in January.
  6. Our District 2021 New Year Celebration is on Sunday, January 10 at 11:00 AM. RSVP on D2TM.ORG. Come and join us to share your story and your club’s story for this year. District 2 Toastmasters’ Year theme — “Inspire, Empower, Impact to Achieve Excellence, TOGETHER!”
  7.  Club contest is in February. Area, Division, District will be in March, April, and May respectively. Our District will host the International Speech Contest this year in May at our Annual Conference. Per the Toastmasters International directive, all contests need to be ONLINE.
Last but not least, thanks to all Area Directors for going above and beyond to visit clubs and file area visit reports. Our district is the top in Region 1 for % of reports filed. More importantly, the reports provided great insights to Toastmasters International, as well as our District leadership team, to better support our members and clubs.
CONGRATS on finishing 2020 and the first six months strong!
Wishing you and your loved ones a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season!
Roxy Stimpson, DTM
District 2 Director
Inspire. Empower. Impact+.