Roxy Stimpson, DTM, District 2 Director

District 2 Director Message

Fellow Toastmaster,

District 2 Director Message
Many thanks to District 2 Toastmasters leaders, club officers, and fellow Toastmasters near and far! I’m honored for your trust and grateful to be at your service. 
Congratulations and thanks to all involved in making the 2021 District 2 Annual Conference a success.
2021 District 2 International Speech Contest Winners are:
  • 1st Place – Daria Michelle Cave
  • 2nd Place – Shreya Diwan Choubey
  • 3rd Place – Chris Rahla
Congratulations to all the newly elected D2 leaders!
It was a memorable and significant weekend for our District 2 leadership team. District 2 leaders, congrats, and thanks! Well done!!!  
Let’s keep the momentum charging onward and upward. Your resilience, kindness, and excellent service thus far are assuring and much appreciated. 
District 2 members and I trust that you are, to the best of your ability, going to pass on the brightest and strongest with full of fire torque to your successor at our finish line on June 30, 2021. District 2 members and I appreciate you and your service.
Wonder what you can do to make a difference? Inspire. Empower. Impact+
  • Recruit and Sponsor ONE new member by June 15, 2021. 
  • Recommend a rising star’s name (You or Club President) to Heather Watson, District Director-elect, to serve this coming term as an Area Director.
Lots of love and gratitude!  It’s my honor to serve you as District 2 Director this year. 
Go D2!
Roxy Stimpson, DTM
District 2 Director
Inspire. Empower. Impact+