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First I have to apologize if anything is misspelled or missing in this issue. I battled COVID last week and eyesight issues due to a recent surgery. I’m feeling pretty healthy overall at this time. My editor note is admittedly short for those reasons. I’ll be back more fully next week!

We have one more club officer training scheduled for August 31st. If you still need to attend a club officer training, click here to register for the August 31st training session. The D2 calendar on the website ( has been updated with training dates. Take a look below for more information and a link to the training dates. Pay special attention to the Super 7 incentive.

Is your club holding a special event? Celebrating a milestone? Or want people to know when you meet? Send me an ad to post in the Starburst. If there are topics you’d like to see in the Starburst, let me know, or better yet write articles you’d like to see and send them to me. Deadline for submissions is Friday at 5pm. If you miss the deadline, your article or club ad will be put in the next edition.

Be Bold. Be Fearless. Be Amazing!
Baxter Kent, DTM, PDD
Starburst Editor

District News & Events

Are you interested in Toastmasters leadership? The Club Officer Training is here now through August 31st. The sessions are open to ALL Toastmasters.

Earn your Distinguished Club Program goal and Super 7 $70 D2 Dollars Incentive by training all seven club officers.

The list of dates and topics is here: Remember that any officer can attend any training and receive credit for all office roles in all of their clubs. Zoom registration links will be available soon.

Click here to view a spreadsheet with the list of trained District 2 Club Officers

If you have questions, please contact Linda Vorthman, Program Quality Director, using

Sales Tax in United States

As was previously stated in the July 4th edition of Starburst, there is sales tax due on some items purchased through Toastmasters International. Details are available here:

The $20 New Member Fee is taxable. Our $45 current Dues are not currently taxable. The member’s mailing address determines the local sales tax rate, if applicable.

The simple and most accurate way to calculate the tax is to first add the member through Club Central. Then collect the correct amount for the New Member Fee through a cash method or use the member’s payment card. Then return to pay the member’s Dues using the Submit Payment option (not Add Membership).

The newest membership application form is here

If you have any questions related to the sales tax, please email World Headquarters at

New Club Sponsors/Mentors Request

Would you like to step out of that safe comfort zone at your home club and experience the challenge and thrill of being involved with other clubs?

Have you ever had the urge to help out some brand new Toastmasters learn what you have learned?

Then have I got the opportunity for you. My name is Bob King and I am the chair of the District 2 Sponsor and Mentor committee for the 2022-2023 TM year. We have a number of new clubs that need either Sponsors or Mentors. I am looking to fill those rolls soon.

Sponsors work with the club founders to recruit 20 members so that the club can charter. Sponsors serve until the club is chartered.

Mentors come along to guide the new club members in learning about meeting roles and club officer duties. Mentors serve for a 6-month term. Most of the tasks can be done online.

Let me know if you are interested in either role and I can link you up with a club.
This would be a great help to both me and to Tommy Price our district 2 Club Growth Director.

You can reach me at or 425-830-2602 (leave a message).

Thank you,
Bob King
Club Sponsor/Mentor Chair

Voice of the Week!

Monday, July 18th starts District 2’s “Voice of the Week!”

District 2 wants to amplify your voice through our two social media channels – Facebook and LinkedIn.

Do you want to share some advice, fun tidbit, memorable moment or even a challenge you overcame as a Toastmaster?

We thought so!

Please use the following form to submit your chance to appear as District 2’s “Voice of the Week!”

Use your voice to inspire, encourage or even make your fellow Toastmasters laugh.

We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

Be sure to follow District 2 Toastmasters on Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you have any questions or have any issues with the form, please reach out to District 2’s Public Relations Manager, Anu Jokinen at

Start the Year off with the Information you Need

  – by D2 Advanced Training Chair, Karen Lezon

We are a month into the new Toastmaster Year. Are you thinking about how and where
you are going to hold meetings in the coming months? How are you going to attract
new members?

Hybrid Meetings: Everyone is talking about it; many clubs are doing it! If you are
thinking about it for your club, there are many resources to consult. Start here with a
recorded training from last year: “We were Hybrid before Hybrid was Cool”. Watch as
presenters Brian Poppe and Erin Poppe share their expertise on setting up, maintaining,
and thriving as a Hybrid Club.


Social Media: There is no doubt about it, Social Media strategies are a must to get your
club’s name out there. Get some valuable information in this recording: “Let’s Get
Social: Social Media Strategies to Grow Your Club”. Watch as Victoria Gnatoka
shares her expertise on how to create a successful social media strategy for your club.

Both of these recordings are posted to the District 2 YouTube channel where you will
find many interesting and useful videos:

While you are out there, subscribe to that channel if you haven’t already.

Be sure to share with your Club, Area, and Division!

For questions contact Karen Lezon, District 2 Advanced Training Chair at




Greetings Toastmasters and Friends!

Are you looking for a project for your Pathways program to help other clubs in the District? Has your club run a Moments of Truth module with success? Have you never heard of Moments of Truth before and want to know more? I am here for you as your D2 Moments of Truth Chair!

Moments of Truth measures six categories that make a strong Toastmasters club. Whether your club is one or 100 years old, these standards are universal and can help every club provide feedback to improve and grow.

  • First Impressions
  • Membership Orientation
  • Fellowship, Variety, and Communication
  • Program Planning and Meeting Organization
  • Membership Strength
  • Achievement Recognition

Looking forward to hearing from you and how I can help you achieve your goals with Moments of Truth.

Keeping it real toasty,
Sara Rantschler, EH5, LD2
District 2 Moments of Truth Chair, 2022-2023
District 2 Club Coach Chair, 2021-2022


Congratulations and much gratitude to Randy Winn who achieves excellence as he serves our district as a Speakers Bureau member!

“I first joined the Speaker’s Bureau to get more of the stagetime we all need to be better public speakers. But when I visited Digital Transformation, I discovered a roomful of new friends, and re-connected with people I know mostly through District competitions.
Throughout the meeting, we shared ideas through evaluations, Table Topics and in conversation afterwards. I realize now it’s not just about a speech; it’s about sharing a supportive environment.” – Randy Winn, D2 Speakers Bureau Member

Roxanne Spring scheduled a D2 Speakers Bureau guest speaker for Digital Transformation, here’s her feedback.

“The D2 Speakers Bureau is an incredible resource! The ease and proficiency of bringing a thoroughly prepared speaker to enhance our meeting was phenomenal. In addition to an amazing speech we were very pleased to have a Q & A where guest speaker Randy Winn inspired us by sharing resources and perspectives of becoming a champion speaker. Quite frankly, knowing we have our District 2 Speakers Bureau available to bring forth excellence increases my confidence in leadership.” – Roxanne Spring, VPE Digital Transformation, Event Organizer

Do you want to enhance your club meetings?
Do you want to inspire your members and guests?
Do you want to fill every speaking spot and accelerate your member and club growth?

If so, schedule a guest speaker from the D2 Speakers Bureau!

We have eager speakers prepared to deliver speeches that will entertain, encourage, and excite your members and guests.

To schedule a speaker email
Subject Line: Speakers Bureau Request

Please include the following information so we can match a speaker to your club and your purposes:

Club/Organization Name:
Contact person: name, email, phone number
Date and Time of your event:
Type of Event: Club Meeting, Open House, Speechcraft etc.
Speech Length: i.e. 5-7, 8-10, 16-18 minutes
Location: Online Zoom link or physical address – please make it very clear if this is an online or in person event
Purposes: What 1, 2, or 3 things would you like to accomplish?
Uniqueness: Is there anything unique about your club that would be helpful for the speaker to know?