2022-2023 “Of the Year” Award Nominations are open.

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Do you know a member in District 2 (D2) who has served above and beyond your expectations? Nominations are being accepted from D2 members.

Do you know of a D2 club that has overcome challenges and achieved excellence?

If so, then NOW is the time to recognize the BEST in the District.

“Of the Year” Awards will be presented at the D2 Annual Conference May 20, 2023.

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Club President of the Year

Robert “Jack” Allen [ăl –len] Trophy: awarded to Club President of the Year recognizing Jack’s dedicated service to Toastmasters and District 2. At his untimely death in 1993, Jack was the holder of the award. Following a very successful year as area governor, he had been elected Division E Governor. Awarded Toastmaster of the Year posthumously, he personified the individual who joins seeking growth and subsequently became a Toastmaster to emulate.

Club Vice President Education of the Year

Edwyn Buzard [buzz –árd] III Trophy: awarded to Club Vice President Education of the Year recognizing Ed’s dedicated service to Toastmasters, District 2, and the youth who benefited from his presentation of Success Leadership Modules over the years. As District 2 Governor 1980-1981, Ed led the District to No. 2 in the world as a President’s Distinguished District. He served Toastmasters International as International Director, 1983-1985.

Area Director of the Year

John H. Lee [lee] Trophy: awarded to the Area Director of the Year in recognition of John H. Lee, District 2 Governor 1960-1961. As district governor he promoted a professional quality District newspaper, leading to the creation of “The Sounder” newsletter. District 2 increased 50% in membership during his term. John served the organization as International Director 1963-1965.

Division Director of the Year

Dennis Ham [ham] Trophy: awarded to the Division Director of the Year in recognition of Dennis Ham who served as Distinguished District 2 Governor, 1983-1984. Dennis continued to provide exemplary service to the district leadership teams for many years after his term as district governor.

Toastmaster of the Year

Franklin McCrillis [mac-krill-as] Trophy: awarded to the Toastmaster of the Year in recognition of Franklin McCrillis, District 2 Governor 1942-1943 and Toastmasters International President, 1945-1946. Franklin was instrumental in the formation of District 2 and leading the transformation of Toastmasters International from its early beginnings into a modern business structure. He continued as an active club member until the 1980’s.

Inspirational Club of the Year

Edgar Mercy [mer –see] Trophy: awarded to the Inspirational Club of the Year and commemorates Edgar’s life and service as District Governor from July 1972 to April 1973, when he died during his term of office.

Phoenix Club of the Year

Donna Seamon [se –moan] Trophy: awarded to the Phoenix Club of the Year. This trophy recognizes Donna Seamon, DTM for her great spirit and exemplary service to District 2. Known as “The Gov” and the “District Rose”, Donna received the Division Governor with the Most Spirit award in 1985-1986 and served as a Select Distinguished District Governor in 1988-1989.

District Director’s Award

Betty W. Eisenzimmer [i-zen-zimmer] Trophy: also known as the District Director’s Award, this trophy recognizes Betty Eisenzimmer, DTM, PID, in recognition of her outstanding service to District 2 and Toastmasters International. Her accolades include Distinguished District Governor 1992-1993, Area Governor of the Year, Division Governor of the Year 1988-1989, Toastmaster of the Year 1994-1995, District Governor’s Award Recipient 1989- 1990, and recipient of the Toastmasters International Presidential Citation Award. Betty served as Region I International Director from 2001-2003.

Best Website Award

Award for the most innovative and appealing club website. Also known as the Jerry Weltner [welt-ner] trophy, DTM, Past District Governor 2000-2001. A three-time District 2 Toastmaster of the Year winner.