Leadership Opportunities

District 2 Leadership Committee here giving you a HIGH FIVE for your interest in joining the PRESTIGIOUS & EXCITING D2 2024-25 Leadership Team! If you’ve already made up your mind and decided you want to apply for the 2024-2025 District Leadership Team, please send the required forms (linked below) to the DLC at d2tm.dlc@gmail.com no later than February 15th 2024.

To be nominated, elected, and hold office, a member must meet the following requirements:

● Member in good standing of a District 2 Toastmasters club that is in good standing
● Meet the qualifications of the position – Download the District Leaders Qualifications and Responsibilities
● Fill and sign all required forms:

PLEASE NOTE All potential candidates must submit the required forms, listed above, to the DLC at d2tm.dlc@gmail.com asap

If you’re like many others, you may also have questions… Do you feel a little unclear about which leadership role you’d like to serve in? Do you have questions about the responsibilities of any role? Do you have any concerns you’d like to discuss? If so, you’re not alone, and we have your back.

We are delighted that you are interested in saying YES to leadership and joining other energetic, enthusiastic, and dedicated D2 members who are READY TO SERVE. We can’t wait to hear about the GROWTH that you experience during 2024-2025!

REMEMBER! All potential candidates must submit the required forms to d2tm.dlc@gmail.com asap. District 2 has a LIMITED NUMBER of coveted leadership positions available 2024-2025! We’re watching our inbox anticipating your NOMINATION/APPLICATION soon!

Have fun ENVISIONING YOURSELF SERVING AS A LEADER . . . helping members feel comfortable, equipped and trained to share what makes their heart sing with the world!

District Leadership Committee
District 2, Region 1