District 2 Candidate Showcase 2021

The Candidate Showcase provides an opportunity for voting delegates to hear candidate presentations and listen to them answer questions. All candidates, opposed and unopposed, participate in the showcase.

Anu Jokinen

Candidates Desired District Office: Club Growth Director for 2021-22

Toastmasters member since: 2017

Education: Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Cum Laude (University of Central Florida)

Employer: ClassLink (education technology company)

Toastmasters offices held

2018 -2019 – VP Membership, Aspiring Leaders (President’s Distinguished)
2019 -2020 – President, Aspiring Leaders (President’s Distinguished)
2020 -2021 – Area 16 Director, Division A (This area includes corporate clubs)

Relevant work experience and how it relates to Toastmasters and your role as Club Growth Director:

In my nearly 15-year career in educational technology, I have accomplished all the requirements needed to be a Club Growth Director: developed a marketing plan, built and supported new clients, strengthened existing clients, provided resources for struggling clients, and ensured that renewals are paid.


As Senior Product Marketing Manager for an education technology company, I ran successful national marketing campaigns for the math product line. It is well known that math is a topic that has similar anxiety-inducing qualities to public speaking. Through the campaign, we were able to demystify math for many. I look forward to doing the same for public speaking and help individuals take the first step by visiting a club. As Club Growth Director, I will understand how to target different audiences with the right message to help District 2 expand to more areas.


As District Account Executive, I was the first dedicated field sales rep for the northeast region and grew the untouched territory to one of the highest performing territories for the company. I achieved 115% of the sales goal and received the Founders Club Award. As a Club Growth Director, I will know how to grow territory, track leads, demo the product, and close the deal.

Customer Success:

As the current Senior Director of Engagement for the West Region at ClassLink, I am responsible for ensuring that the 175+ school districts in my 14-state territory have successful implementations and ultimately renew. I have maintained a renewal rate of 97% for the last two years, even with the support being completely virtual due to the pandemic. As Club Growth Director, I will know what is required to support a similar number of clubs in District 2 and help them achieve success.

As a leader, I have effectively led teams utilizing a shared vision to achieve success as well as harnessed my education background to help others grow and develop their skills.  As Director of Education at Sylvan Learning Center, I managed a 22-person team and created a mission-driven culture that resulted in numerous awards for our center and one of the lowest turnover rates in the region.

What experience do you have in strategic planning?

In all my positions, whether in marketing, sales, or customer success, I have had to create strategic plans in order to effectively manage vast territories or achieve marketing goals.

Why do you want to serve as Club Growth Director?

District 2 has a tremendous opportunity for growth this year, especially with individuals impacted by the pandemic. Toastmasters can help them find their voice and build their confidence as leaders, just as Toastmasters has done for me. As a former educator, I am passionate about seeing more individuals grow and improve their lives. My background and experience will bring a fresh perspective to the role and help District 2 build more clubs and strengthen the existing ones. My home club of Aspiring Leaders has been a President’s Distinguished for many years and serves as my model to help guide other clubs to the same status.

Tommy Price

Candidates Desired District Office: Club Growth Director for 2021-22

Toastmasters member since: 2015

Education: BA-History, MDiv.–Theology, M.A.–Special Education

Coach Training: Accomplishment Coaching, 2015

Employer/Position: Unleash the Flow Coaching & Consulting, Owner & Coach

Toastmasters Club Offices held or holding: President, VPE, VPPR, Treasurer

Current Toastmasters Clubs: #4308 Port Gardner Bay Gabbers TM, #935392 Leading Edge Advanced TM, as a sponsor working to launch & be a member of Prism Lightworkers Advance TM

Toastmasters Education Awards: DTM 2015, EC Level at present

Toastmasters District Offices held: Area Director 2017-18, Division Director-Select Distinguished 2018-19 

Other District 2 Positions: Club Coach/Mentor/Sponsor 2016-Present, Spring Conference Sponsorship Chair & Facilities Chair 2018, D2 Digital Task Force Co-lead 2020, Advanced Training Chair 2020-21

Toastmasters Honors & Recognition: D2 VPE of the Year 2016-17, D2 Shining Star Award 2020, D2 District Directors Award 2020

What is your experience as a Club Sponsor/Mentor/Coach?

I have had two experiences as a club sponsor. The first was taking over for a sponsor who withdrew. The company then started going through layoffs and downsizing that led to most of those who were interested, leaving the company. This club did not charter. I am now sponsor for an upcoming advanced club that will charter this summer. I have supported other new clubs and sponsors with coaching and speaking. I have served as new club mentor once. That was a learning experience for me and the club. As club coach I had the honor of team coaching, that then led to the club being earning the 2019-20 Phoenix Club and President of the Year.

Why Do you want to be Club Growth Director?

Much of my life has been about supporting others to be and live their highest. When I became a Toastmaster, I learned I would be supported in the same way and that I could continue to support other Toastmasters, even entire clubs, in that same calling. I just feel called to support the world in being and living their highest. I feel called to lead. And leading has been much of my life. Becoming Club Growth Director allows me to combine both callings to benefit all in District 2.

What is your leadership experience outside of Toastmasters?

I served as pastor of two churches with paid and volunteer staff. Each of these taught me a great deal about being a more listening, supportive, inspirational leader. In Kansas City, MO I became plant manager of a startup industrial recycling company working with very different personality types on the job and also working with inner city youth in a summer jobs program with our company. . As a Special Education teacher, I worked with multiple disabilities and all school ages in hand with district and school staff along with volunteers and student interns. I served on both district and school level committees. In my last 5 years as a teacher I was also in paid positions as Special Education Department Lead of a large high school and as the Freshman Class Adviser. It was in these years that I worked in partnership with the school district and campus administration to develop a student intern program that saw interns, through experience in various Special Education Classroom, become doctors, health care workers, teachers, para professionals, care takers, parents, adoptive parents, firefighters, and more.

What is your volunteer experience outside of Toastmasters?

I volunteer at my church starting in the seventh grade in various capacities working with children. During college I volunteered at the Methodist Children’s Home and the Ruston State School in Ruston, LA. This continued with Special Olympics and the Jaycees while in Louisiana. In Kansas City I volunteered in churches, in hospitals as a chaplain, and with the Baptist Children’s home training perspective foster adoptive and adoptive parents. During my time in Washington, I have volunteered in schools as a Watch Dog and other positions in schools. I also volunteered through the Mukilteo Chamber of Commerce. I currently am a volunteer satellite leader with the Washington State Chapter of the International Coaching Federation. The Pandemic has stopped my volunteering in schools unfortunately. I am looking forward to the end of the Pandemic to return to the schools.

What strengths do you bring to Club Growth Director?

I bring 40 years of leadership experience in mistakes and the growth I had from those mistakes. I am a listening supportive leader. I can size up a problem and see possible solutions. My leadership includes churches, schools, professional organizations, volunteer organizations, and family. I know Toastmasters club officer roles and district officer roles. Since becoming Area Director in 2016 I have continually worked on in positions and on projects at the district level with five different Trio Teams. I have spent that time watching and learning what it takes to lead a district. 

Additional Information about the candidate:

Married 36 plus years to Tammy. 3 Adult Children – all adopted as older children from foster care, 5 Grandchildren with 2 more due in November. I lived most of my adult life thriving over depression. I am also a PTSD survivor and thriver from being a teacher at MPHS the day of the mass shooting. Having adoptive children brought on dealing with mental health in children and teens. All giving me a unique perspective on mental health. I enjoy travel, hiking, reading, and cooking. I consider myself a life-long learner. I am a National Guard veteran. My sweet spot is a beach and the water.

Linda M Vorthman

Our district mission’s major objectives are to plan, develop, implement, and direct district marketing objectives; develop and direct programs for new club development, club rescue efforts, club membership promotion, and membership retention; achieve Distinguished District goals for membership and club growth. Also, to promote standards of service to the members and to the clubs.

I am humbled to be nominated for Club Growth Director (CGD). If I am successfully elected my immediate intention to accomplish this mission involves my strategic 100-day plan designed specifically for District 2’s growth in these unprecedented times. The D2 statistics show an overall decrease in membership this last year and today we are in the optimal time to spark a strong resurgence now that there is less pressure for physical and social distancing.  My team and I will support many clubs that will now turn to a hybrid model of meeting together on site, while welcoming distant members via teleconferencing. Repeatedly, I have used creative marketing techniques to successfully draw together members and new guests, offering a resurgence in club growth. I am currenting leading a corporate Speechcraft team serving dozens of future Toastmasters. I am proud to be the President of the hybrid club, Digital Transformation Toastmasters, the current D2 Inspirational Club of the Year.

As the current D2 Toastmaster of the Year, I have worked tirelessly with committees supporting many Toastmaster programs. We are all experiencing the rewards of these efforts with this highly acclaimed annual conference. I am one of the few remaining members of the Digital Task Force which brought District 2 fully virtual within the past year, under the leadership of D2 District Director, Roxy Stimpson. I have continued to support officer training MELEs and contests both from a technical and a personal perspective, including a couple keynote presentations.

I retired early from a career as a college office administrator which spanned over 40 years. In my professional life I have experience in both corporate and government settings, with multiple priorities, competing deadlines and strategic planning. Maintaining successful working relationships has been a key factor to exceptional success.  My life experiences demonstrate my natural ability to strongly support both corporate and community clubs in reaching goals and providing a high-quality member experience. This includes decades of office administration, strategic planning, and leadership in a multitude of roles, including office manager, program manager, tax preparer professional and many administrative positions. As a civil servant with The Evergreen State College for over 18 years I consistently volunteered in addition to my assigned duties. · Coordinated the Combined Fund Drive for 500 staff & faculty · Chaired “Super Saturday” festival committee, hosting over 15,000 participants · President of Olympia Micro-computer Users Group hosting 300+ members · Authored weekly editorial column in The Olympian newspaper re: computers · Team member organizing an annual conference of over 100 faculty nationwide · Union/Management committee, Asst. Chief Shop Steward, and Contract Negotiator.

I have a long history of agile, servant leadership in diverse communities including Girl Scouts of America, President of Olympia Microcomputer User Group, Combined Fund Drive Chair for a state agency, and the youngest officer of Retired Public Employees Council of WA where our guiding mottos is: “We are Retired – Not Expired”. I have an abundance of time to focus on the District’s mission and vision along with the flexibility to serve as needed. As a retiree, my schedule affords me the luxury of time to successfully grow District 2 — one club at a time.

Hailing from the rural town of Sedro-Woolley, I am a married Mom of 2, with multiple grandchildren. I also love my dog, cat & hummingbirds. I am known for explaining computer logic in easily understood terms, since I have strong technical, organizational and people skills. Well known for my attitude of 95% sunshine and smiles, living as a young retiree.

Toastmasters OfficerAwards & Accolades
Digital Transformation Toastmasters – President, Current *D2 Toastmaster of the Year award, Current
Skagit Valley Speakers, Sergeant at Arms, CurrentD2 Conference Committee, Assistant Chair, Current
Area 15 Director, CurrentSpeechcraft Coordinator, Current
Digital Transformation Toastmasters – Vice President Public Relations, 2019 – 2020 *D2 Director’s Digital Task Force award, 2020 – 2021
Skagit Valley Speakers – Vice President Public Relations, 2019 – 2020D2 Professional Speakers Master Series – Accredited Speakers committee member, 2020-2021
Skagit Valley Speakers, Vice President Education, 2018 – 2019 *D2 Conference Education Session committee, Co-chair, 2020
 Leaders Breakfast Planning committee, 2020
April 2018 Joined ToastmastersHigh Performance Leadership project committees (leader & member)
Current member of five Toastmaster clubsExperience with contests at the Club, Area and Division levels — organizing and assisting in various positions
*President’s DistinguishedZoom videoconferencing & Contest 101 Training Committees
 Success in membership and club growth targets in Toastmasters Distinguished Program