Club Coach Program

Be a Club Coach!

What is a Club Coach?

  • A Toastmaster volunteer who helps a struggling club achieve Distinguished Club status
  • Not a member of the club, not currently familiar with club/members
  • A counselor, a source of knowledge and a fountain of ideas
  • Uses speaking, thinking and listening skills – as well as hard work, determination and patience

How do you become a Club Coach?

  • Coach must be a Toastmaster in good standing
  • Indicate interest in serving as Club Coach to District leaders (i.e. your Area Director)
  • Appointed by District Director or Club Growth Director
  • Accepted by the struggling club

What are a Club Coach’s Goals?

  • Help club achieve Distinguished Club Status
  • Within a “two year” time frame
  • Educate and inspire leaders
  • Improve quality of meetings
  • Build membership
  • Establish thriving Educational Program
  • Delegate and educate members so the club can thrive


  • Fulfill one requirement for Advanced Leader Silver (through June 30, 2020)
  • Gain credit for a year served as District Leader
  • Great Leadership Experience
  • Grow a self-sustaining club
  • Build a culture of success
  • Skills development and practice
  • The satisfaction of nurturing new leaders
  • The satisfaction of providing needed service to the Toastmasters Organization

What does a Club Coach do?

  • Attend club meetings regularly
  • Renew commitment from corporate club management
  • Delegate and create a rebuilding team
  • Help members examine their club with new insight and perspective
  • Work through the Moments of Truth program
  • Review Area Director reports
  • Use Club Coach Troubleshooting Guide
  • Tailor the Educational Program
    • Encourage use of the Club Success Plan
    • Establish a mentor program
    • Discover how to meet the personal and professional needs of the members
  • Help clubs build membership
    • Encourage fresh approaches and positive attitudes
    • Advertising
    • Membership drives for sustainable growth
    • Serve as General Evaluator
    • Encourage officer training and District participation


More Club Coach Resources

Other Club Coach Resources

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  • DCP & Club Success Plan – Item 1111
  • FAQs – Club Coach, TI Website
  • Other Coaches’ Experience
  • Officers of thriving clubs
  • Officer training and Member Education Leadership Experience known as (MELEs)