Membership Building Ideas-deprecated

Basic Membership Building Ideas:

1. Provide a great club atmosphere (fun, dynamic, energetic, organized, educational, etc.)

  • having an organized, energetic, and welcoming meeting will be appealing to attracting new members and retainng current members

4. Advertise your club meetings through flyers, press releases, ads, etc. in your local community

5. Create a club website with pictures of current members that you can direct interested and current members to that is appealling, full of good information, and provides directions.

6. Create a Facebook page with pictures of current members, information about club meetings, contest winners, open houses, special guests, weekly ribbon winners, etc.

  • Encourage your membership to “like” your club Facebook page and share it with friends and co-workers

7. Have a “Bring a Friend to Toastmasters” day at your club

8. Advertise to local businesses and colleges/universities especially to communication, eduction, and business majors

9. Regularly send press releases to local media about upcoming events, open houses, officer elections, speech contests, special presentations, special guests, etc.

10. Have an Open House during the Governor of Washington’s Proclamation of “Toastmasters Week” in early February (try to get your mayor to proclaim “Toastmaster Week” in your town)

Helping your guests feel at home in your club:

Other Strategies:
  1. Periodically send an email to former members and guests about what the club is up to and invite them to a meeting
  2. Send a touch base email to members who have missed a couple of meetings and let them know you miss their prescence (they do matter to your meetings and club)
  3. Follow-up with guests and let them know how TM will benefit them and their participation will benefit the club