Leadership Opportunities

Leadership Opportunities for your Path

Looking for something to fulfill a Pathways Leadership project?

Every Toastmaster Year the Area Directors and Division Directors are responsible for Area and Division level contests. They would love someone to volunteer to be the Contest Chair! The Division Directors also put on Club Officer Training twice a year, also in need of event chairs. District 2 offers a few as well. Training events will be starting up again in December, January, and February. There are two Toastmaster Leadership Institute (TLI) events, one in November and another in June.

Pathways Projects

Here is the list of Pathways Projects you could complete by being an event chair:

  • Leadership Development, Level 3: Planning and Implementing
  • Leadership Development, Level 4: Leading your Team
  • Motivational Strategies & Team Collaboration, level 4: Motivate Others
  • All Paths, Level 4: Manage Projects Successfully [Requires Area+ Contest]
  • Leadership Development, Level 5: Manage Successful Events [Requires Division+ Context]
  • All Paths, Level 5: High Performance Leadership [Requires District+ Contest]

Ready to Get Started?

Contact Karen Lezon, District 2 TLI Committee Chair