Rotary International and Toastmasters

District 2 Toastmasters has started an alliance with some Rotary Districts in Western Washington in accordance with Toastmasters International directives. 

“What does that mean for our members and clubs in District 2?” you ask. It is Big! Really Big!

Here is the short list:

1.       Many of our clubs will begin to see an influx of Rotary members wanting to join your club. If your club exemplifies the Toastmasters program and you would like some new members, please have your club President connect with me and I will put you on the list of recommended clubs. All we ask is that you welcome them in the Traditions of Toastmasters and that you assign them mentors to get them started. They will be very hungry for what our education system has to offer.

2.       Speakers needed! Most Rotary club meetings include a guest speaker. Now is your chance to speak outside of Toastmasters. Most speeches are 20 to 25 minutes and are usually booked 1 to 2 months in advance. Topics include just about anything science, art, entertaining, inspirational, or empowering. You cannot sell products or services from the stage, but you can network and make connections.

If you have completed Pathways level 3 or above, or if you are a competent communicator with a clear, concise, and compelling presentation, connect with the D2 Speakers Bureau Chair, Page Olson at

3.       Guest Speakers available. If your club invites guest speakers, many Rotarians are exceptional speakers or are practicing for a presentation. Connect with me, Todd Cudaback (see my e-mail address below), and I will get you a list.

4.       Rotary clubs are incredibly involved in humanitarian and community service projects. If this interests you, drop me an email, they would love to have you as an individual join in on their projects.

Please note: Toastmasters International does not allow Toastmasters clubs and Rotary clubs to co-sponsor fundraising events but we can co-sponsor educational events. I sense a lot of light bulbs going off.

We are off and running! I think this alliance will be a huge benefit to both organizations.

Toastmasters International -Rotary Alliance

Toastmasters Rotary Program Coordinator Todd Cudaback, DTM, PDD Email: