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Whether it is a lecture, keynote address, facilitated business meeting, or a presentation, let the District 2 Toastmasters Speakers Bureau help you find the best speaker for your upcoming event.


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The Bureau is here to support YOU! The Speaker’s Bureau is a group of highly qualified Toastmasters who want to share the experience and benefits of Toastmasters. We have all experienced growing as speakers and leaders through Toastmasters, and now we want to give back by sharing our lessons with you.

Is your organization, business, or group looking for an accomplished speaker who will present on the benefit of Toastmasters? Call on us 🙂

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Push your members to new heights. Ask for a speaker’s bureau member to help today!


What People are Saying

“An Incredible Resource”

The D2 Speakers Bureau is an incredible resource! The ease and proficiency of bringing a thoroughly prepared speaker to enhance our meeting was phenomenal.

Roxanne Spring, VPE

“Perfectly Targeted”

The speech was high quality and perfectly targeted towards youth. His message motivated our members to not give up and keep trying. “

Radhika Penugonda, Club Co-Counselor

“Recommend it to Anybody”

I can’t say enough about the D2 Speakers Bureau and would recommend it to anybody!

Peter Feysa, D2 Speakers Bureau Member

“I would work with him again in a heartbeat”

His book jacket analogy was perfect and his two main points hit home. The speaker is wonderful about getting the audience engaged. I would work with him again in a heartbeat.”

Caryn Axelrad, VPE

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