How to Start a New Toastmasters Club

Before you begin thinking about starting
a new Toastmasters Club, review the following:

6 Steps in Building a New Toastmasters Club:

2. What Kind of Club Do you Want to Form?

  • Corporate Club is affiliated with a sponsoring corporation and is usually a “closed” club to employeess of the corporation (or college/university)
  • Community Club is usually “open” to all community members and is not tied to a corporation

4. Generate Interest

Community Club:
  • Designate a convenient location for meetings that can accomodate at least 20 members
  • Plan a demonstration meeting highlighting the benefits of Toastmasters with the support of the District 2 Club Growth Team
  • Publicize the demonstration meeting throughout your community through Facebook, community agendies, press releases to local media, and any organization that would benefit from developing their communication, leadership, and public speaking skills.